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Interested in joining SEPAR?

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SEPAR volunteer requirements:

  • Must be 16 yrs. of age (for applicants aged 16-18 yrs, parental/guardian consent is required).
  • Must complete a consent for criminal records search and personally take it to the Surrey RCMP (there is no charge for this search).
  • If you have a drivers license you must provide a driving record, available from the Motor Vehicle Branch.
  • Complete a PEP enrollment form (Note: The PEP card that you receive is valid for five years). 
If you would like to join our emergency communications group, please contact the Emergency Program Administrative Coordinator at the address or telephone number shown below. If you require further information on our activities, please contact the SEPAR Amateur Radio Coordinator. Please note that SEPAR is not a club but a volunteer group dedicated to providing ancillary emergency communications services for the City of Surrey. If you are looking for an Amateur Radio Club in the City of Surrey, please contact the Surrey Amateur Radio Club. SARC and SEPAR operate under a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly provide emergency communications for the city.

SEPAR regularly provides EOC training, Amateur Radio Workshops, and emergency exercises. We welcome new volunteers, especially those who possess technical and radio skills. Please consult the SEPAR calendar by visiting the SEPAR Event and Training page at

Contact Information


Emergency Program Administrative Coordinator
Lorraine Wilson

SEPAR's Mailing Address

8767 - 132nd Street
Surrey, B.C. V3W 4P1


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