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Training Opportunities

SEPAR regularly provides EOC training, Amateur Radio Workshops, and emergency exercises. We welcome new volunteers, especially those who possess technical and radio skills. Please consult our calendar for training dates. Visit the SEPAR Event and Training page at 

Members are encouraged to take part in SEPAR events and training opportunities. The following are levels of skill that may be attained through our program.

Basic SEPAR Skills

  • Industry Canada amateur radio licensing at the Basic level
  • Active participation with communications at an event.
  • NTS Emergency Messaging (Classroom or on-line training)

Intermediate SEPAR Skills

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a model for command, control, and coordination of emergency response at an emergency site. It provides a way of coordinating the efforts of agencies and resources as they work together toward safely responding, controlling and mitigating an emergency incident.

This course is comprised of two modules - Module 1: Overview of ESS and Module 2: Personal Preparedness for ESS Workers. Completion of this course is a prerequisite for other courses in Emergency Social Services. It is recommended that Module 1 be completed before Module 2.

  • Orientation to the SEPARS Amateur Radio Room
  • Orientation to the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
  • Participation in a City of Surrey emergency exercise
  • Participation in an emergency field station operation, such as at Field Day
  • Acting as Net Control for the weekly SEPARS Net

Advanced SEPAR Skills

No community in British Columbia is immune from the threat of disaster. However, emergency management can decrease the effects of a disaster. Emergency management is the process designed to help communities prepare for disasters, take measures to minimize the effects of a disaster should one occur ("mitigation"), respond effectively to a disaster, and recover as quickly as possible after the event.

This independent study course provides an overview of the framework and basic principles involved in effectively managing emergencies or disasters, whether in a government, community agency, industry, or business context. This course is beneficial to anyone with an interest or involvement in emergency management, and serves as a prerequisite course for many of the other JIBC Emergency Management Division courses.  

  • Industry Canada amateur radio licensing at the HF, Advanced and/or Morse Code level
  • Additional Emergency Preparedness training as offered through SEPAR, ESS or by the JIBC
  • Radio contesting experience (this can be arranged through SEPAR)
  • Experience at setting up an emergency field station, such as at Field Day
  • Managing communications operations at a City of Surrey emergency exercise
  • Acting as Net Control for an event

Contact Information


Emergency Program Administrative Coordinator
Lorraine Wilson

SEPAR's Mailing Address

8767 - 132nd Street
Surrey, B.C. V3W 4P1


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